Our Environmental Policy


We are a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and as such we are committed to good environmental practice and sustainable development.

We meet the minimum legal requirements related to environmental protection and waste disposal and aim to minimise our impact and maximise the positive aspects that we have on the environment.

We support sustainable tourism through activities in economic, social and environmental issues.

We are demonstrating our commitment in practice through the following activities:

Use of solar panels to heat the swimming pool and provide hot water to the main house. Using energy-efficient light bulbs and low energy solar lights.

Use of water harvesting to water the garden.Using bore well water to provide water for the laundry and pool. 

Use of eco-friendly cleaning materials. Providing 'real nappies' for our visitors.

Providing recycling facilities

Providing nesting boxes and feeders for birds.

Providing visitors with information on how to holiday 'sustainably'.

You can help us in our endeavours by:

Following our 5 Steps to being a green visitor.

Purchasing local food and drink

Switching off lights and appliances when not required

Composting using our green cones.

Using the recycling facility for bottles and cans

Walk or cycle the Islands or use the Community bus

The above activities are just a small sample of the good practices being undertaken to minimise our damage to our planet. They are taken from the 120 measures which make up the Green Tourism Business Award, more information can be obtained from: http://www.green-business.co.uk/ 




Cornwall Tourism


Award for Sustainable Tourism